[extended] Project: insulating hard coral [sub-structures] for the suffocating of nerve vibrations within non-concrete (parasitic) symbiotic relations [with bubbles].

insulating constellation(s) [notations]. performance. Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore | LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

A choreographic movement reflecting the displacing movement of these parts---islands as constellations---and for the calming of the nerves of islands and the body of the architecture embedded with the trauma and memory of the displacement. The piece, in process, became a dissection into how object can take on the form of notation. I molded a series of plaster islands that each had a series of choreography attached to them. There was also a series of knee pads that also took on this form. Throughout the performance the score is written and re-written, always in a state of in-between or erasure.

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